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Another school governance post. A ‘partner’ post to my one on the Role of the Staff Governor. This time, I have been thinking about the challenges that face parent governors and the problems they face with the different metaphorical hats that they need to wear.

Here are some thought-provoking scenarios that parent governors may face. What do you think? Have you had any similar ones? Can you think of others? How would you deal with them?

1. Through discussions at governors meetings, you are aware that a member of the teaching staff has been experiencing relationship difficulties and has consequently been taking frequent time off school as sick leave and for a variety of appointments. A group of parents approach you and demand to know what you, as a parent governor, propose to do about it. How do you respond? What about if your own child is in that teacher’s class?

2. There is another parent governor who you also know socially. Over coffee, they start to express concerns about the ability of one of the teachers at the school, saying that they are not up to the job and that children are not making progress. How do you respond? What about if the concerns are about the Headteacher’s competence/ability?

3. You are a parent governor in a primary school that does not have a formal school uniform. You believe very strongly that the school should have a school uniform and expressed that view at a governors meeting at which the decision was taken to continue without the uniform. A parent approaches you and says “I really think there should be a school uniform! What a stupid decision! What do you think?” How do you respond? real casinos online slots

4. You receive an invitation on Facebook to join a Facebook group that is critical of the school/headteacher. How do you respond? If you are not on Facebook but are aware of the group’s existence, what would you do?

5. You are on an interview panel for the appointment of a teacher. After interviewing a young female candidate, the headteacher says “Oh, we wouldn’t want to appoint her, she’d be off on maternity leave in the next couple of years and we’d have a right headache finding a temporary replacement.” How would you respond?

6. Your child has a really good friend in his/her class that is also your next door neighbour. The child is excluded from the school because of a behavioural incident. His mother, your friend and neighbour, comes round to your house to ask you what you think and to say how unfair she thinks it is. How do you respond?

7. A parent comes up to you and says that they think you obviously became a governor because everyone knows that the children of parent governors get treated more favourably. How do you respond? top 10 casino canada

8. A parent tells you they are really unhappy with their child’s class teacher who they say is always shouting at the class and making their child unhappy and not want to go to school. They say to you, “You’re a governor. Can you sort it out?” How do you respond?

Image thanks to Broodkast on Flickr

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9 thoughts on “Dilemma!

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  2. What about 10) You are a parent governor and work in middle management in the financial sector and know nothing about education but want to support the school. You are beginning to feel a real sense of antipathy from the staff and ht governors and feel it is down to two challenging questions you asked at previous meetings. The head will ,now, halfway through a discussion about assessment or SEN will stop and ask you what you think/ As you are unable to express an informed opinion you can only give a weak reply.You feel misled by the official Governor ‘hype’ and find your self in an unfriendly clique of yes men around the chair and ht.

  3. You are in a governor meeting and most of the governors are actually parent governors or community governors that are parents. They are also members of the PTA. You feel there may be a little too much of a social aspect to the meetings.
    A few governors decide to crack open a bottle of bubbly in their last meeting of the term to celebrate successes of the year. The meeting still has several items on the agenda including sensitive ones. What do you do?

  4. You are a parent governor and other parent governors on the GB refer to their children’s preferences, impressions, needs and experiences a lot of the time. You are keen to make sure that all governors have all children’s interests at heart and these comments begin to worry you. What do you do? video poker download

  5. You are a parent governor and the two staff governors on the GB are your children’s class teachers. They seem anxious to please you and stiffen whenever they see you. You worry that you have a hard enough time trying to separate out the parent/governor role yourself. How do you approach the subject with the teachers without intimidating or embarrassing them?

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  6. You need to approach the school about your child. You worry that the school will think you are coming in as a governor and will report back to FGB. How do you make it clear that you are wearing your parent hat and have left the governor one at home?

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