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I recently attended an ‘Evening of Excellence’ at which pupils from a high school had the opportunity to have their efforts and achievements rewarded in a ceremony at the town hall. Sitting amongst and talking to some parents, my initial feelings of joy at this event started to develop into something more akin to unease. I learned that 14 year old Lucy* had already been subject to ‘bullying’ that day because she was up for 3 awards. Also Joe’s* (12) parents had struggled to get him there as he didn’t want to attend and suffer the consequent shame and mocking that would ensue.

Is this an inherent problem with awards? Of course, there are inevitable winners and losers and how one goes about it is very important. Here’s Doug Belshaw on The Edublog Awards. Also see Simon Widdowson, someone else who holds little truck with awards, be they GCT (Google Certified Teachers), ADE (Apple Distinguished Educators) or other. We should celebrate effort and achievement though shouldn’t we? We should drop marbles in jars, press stickers on chests, give badges, medals and trophies shouldn’t we? Are we just being divisive and fostering resentment or are we providing an incentive? Awards feel great if you’re getting one. What if you’re not? Do the non-recipients harbour deep-seated grudging feelings that eventually manifest themselves in the sorts of back page headlines we are used to seeing around our hapless international sports teams. Is it cultural? Are we worse at it here in the UK? It feels like it. We do love to build them up and knock ‘em down again. us casinos 18

More questions than answers. This is a definitely a big one and ingrained to a certain extent. Learning, success and achievement, particularly in school, just isn’t cool enough.

This makes me sad.

Since writing, I have watched Dan Pink’s TED talk on motivation which is worth watching and definitely relevant: top 10 casino canada


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