School Development Ambassadors

FullSizeRenderOne question I like to ask a governing body is, “If I asked you what your key school development priorities are, would you be able to tell me?” It is surprising how many sheepish looks I get. Surely, this is the core business of governors. If I were to cut a governor in half, shouldn’t I see, like a stick of rock, the school development priorities writ large? I also often say, “If I were to read a sample of your committee and full meeting minutes and a headteacher’s report, I should be able to tell you what your priorities are, shouldn’t I? Because they will glow like golden threads won’t they?” what is the safest online gambling sites

So how do we make sure we keep our eye on the ball and keep our focus on those crucial priorities? I’ve come across a few ideas and have some of my own.

There was one school where, when I asked that first question, they all reached for their wallets and purses and pulled out laminated cards with the School Development Plan (SDP) priorites on them. At my own school, we have a text box on our agendas with the SDP priorities within it – this ensures we are ever reminded of our key foci.

On a recent visit to Hightown JIN School where I’d done some work with governors, I was impressed by the clear, well-presented, visual display of the SDP in the headteacher’s office. Although this is obviously underpinned by a detailed action plan, I like the way it is all so easy to see and understand. video poker download

This got me thinking a bit more. Why not have a named governor responsible for monitoring each of the 4 sub-sections? Each of these sub-sections could have its own little ‘business card’ to reside in said governor’s wallet/purse. That governor could see themselves as an ‘ambassador’ for that aspect of the SDP. What would that ambassadorial role involve? rtg casino canada

  • Visits into school to directly monitor progress in that particular subsection. A visit that would include meeting with relevant staff for updates, being talked through any school-based files or paperwork, a look at any relevant data, a learning walk, checking against dated milestones etc.
  • An awareness of any relevant policies.
  • An awareness of milestones and dates coming up or being passed in the SDP and ensuring monitoring of such milestones.
  • Asking timely and relevant questions in meetings that pertain to their particular sub-section.
  • Asking themselves at the end of meetings if their area has been touched upon appropriately.

Of course, this wouldn’t mean that other governors would be absolved responsibility for monitoring the SDP, just that someone would have particular responsibility. real slots online for ipad

The other thing to add is that of course these principles apply equally to other aspects of governors’ monitoring role such as SEND, Safeguarding, and the curriculum. where governing bodies should identify named governors.

Have I missed anything? Have this made you think of anything? I’d love you to comment if so!

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