Hacked off

If you use Twitter, you will have probably received a direct message from someone you follow that is along these lines: ‘I’ve seen a bad blog about you…’, ‘You seen what this person is saying about you…’ ‘Did you see this pic of you? lol’ The message will have a link in it. This is a ruse intended to hack your Twitter account. Contrary to popular belief, simply clicking on the link will not result in your account being compromised. What will happen is that you will be directed to a website that looks identical to Twitter’s own site. However, look carefully at the url: what is the safest online gambling sites

‘tivvtter.com’ Look familiar? I have seen many similar iterations: tvviter, tvvitter, twittler etc.

Now, think about it. Would anyone really be saying bad things about you or blogging about you? You’re better than that! When was the last time that happened? You are led to a Twitter login via the link; so things are being said about you on Twitter then? And you don’t know about it? video poker download

Ok, I forgive you because: rtg casino canada

  • You are in such a hurry in this rapid 21st Century world that you zip between your Twitter timeline and websites in such a rush that you miss the fact that it is a cloned Twitter site.
  • You opened the link, left it, came back to it later, thought it was Twitter and logged in to it.
  • I follow you because I generally find your tweets useful.
However, I do get slightly peeved sometimes, hence this tweet from me this morning:

So, do be careful where you enter your Twitter login details. I probably won’t unfollow you if you do make a mistake (we are all human after all) but I might if the DMs persist or, as seems to happen not long after, you start to sell me weight-loss products.

If this has happened to you, in the first instance, please change your password. You might also want to check who/what is accessing your Twitter account. You can do this via Settings > Applications and revoking access to your Twitter account for any applications you might deem suspicious.

Right. As you were 🙂 virtual roulette wheel download

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